Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hey Guys

Here's a picture of Cloak and Dagger I just drew. Do you know about those guys? My friend suggested I draw them so I did, and I did some sloppy PS pain in the background. ooooh!

They totally were fucked up, druggie druggie addicts. cloak was an ex-basketball star, dagger was an ex-ballerina. They were all fucking high, and then they accidentally got high on the drug that gives you super powers.

Good one, right?

Oh, Cloak is a soul vampire. But lucky for him Dagger has extra-soul. Or something.

They fight crime.

IN alleys.

Cloak's cloak is all the darkforce dimension so he and others can sort of teleport through it, he can also suck you into it and, you know, steal your soul or something. Going in there sucks. Fact.

Dagger throws light daggers. But not lasers. They're know, goodness daggers, or something. They make you tired, I think. Sometimes she throws them at Cloak when he gets all soul hungry.

It's a weird set up, honestly.

Hey I miss all you guys. For serious. I miss you and you and you. Are you coming to my new site? I do a webcomic about a pro-wrestler fighting to save the planet. And I have a tumblr, too. All the stuff I used to here I do over there, just no Guinea Pigs.