Saturday, January 31, 2009


Guinea Pig Theatre:The Tramp

Sorry, no time for a more sincere effort - the midwest has been overtaken by snow and ice, i have in-laws at the house, I'm abou to head to Indianapolis to see The Knicks play basketball. I'll make it up to all of you, I promise.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grosse Pointe Blank

Guinea Pig Theatre:  Grosse Pointe Blank

Third time is the charm.
It shows how professional I am that I had to post this three times to get the corrected version up.

Again, I love Grosse Pointe Blank not just for how fun it is, but for it's amazing soundtrack and probably the best kick scene I've ever seen (when Cusack puts that trolly hitman into the lockers at his reunion).

I hope you all enjoy - i had less than stellar equipment to deal with today.
Which is another sign of professionalism - check your gear before you commit to something, Folks.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nacho Libre

GPT: Nacho Libre

No line of dialogue hits closer to my heart.

I love Nacho Libre and almost never hear it spoke of.
Full of great dialogue, beautiful sets, a million little things to be amused by. hilarious characters.
Oh well.

"stinky warrior" LOL!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes I draw other things...

The Road

I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road a week or so ago and dog-eared a couple of pages I wanted to draw, simply as another exercise and an homage to some truly beautifully written passages. There should be more beautifully writ post-apocalyptic novels than just this one. If anyone knows of more, please let me know.

They're making a movie of it, too. So I guess you lazy butts out there can just wait.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Aliens courtesy of Mitch Ansara

Spacesick Guinea Pig Theatre: Aliens

The CRAZY TALENTED Mitch ‘Spacesick’ Ansara contributes as Guest Artist on Guinea Pig Theatre with a spectacular contribution.
Look at those beautiful ass lines.
And fantastically rendered guinea pigs!

Space has been written about on my most beloved Drawn! - which verifies what I said about him being Awesome. Even more awesome he actually ASKED to do a GPT. Whoa!

go to his website and give him love in the manner of site hits. You can also, always go check out his flickr

and just so you know...I didn't forget Paul Reiser was in it...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

Guinea Pig Theatre: Happy New Years

It's been a great year, I'm very thankful for everyone who has came back week after week to see what's going to happen in the Theatre. I hope 2009 is amazing for all of my visitors and that I can continue to supply a minute and a half* worth of entertainment each week. Let's hope there's some new awesomeness for next year, too - I know we're going to get it started this Saturday with a truly out of this world Guest Artist.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Kyle Starks

*according to Google Analytics, anyway