Sunday, September 28, 2008

woot shirt thing

I also have a shirt up for voting on (go here) though, I think you have to have bought something from woot to actually vote. It's a good one, though

It's Only The Sky Falling

Winner of 25th GPT Contest and POSTER!

Congratulations, Young Matt Leyen (Ninth Wheel over at Threadless), due to your Gods smiling upon you in a most fortuitous way, my wife pulled your name out of a hat of a dozen other names.
Clearly, overcoming such odds your luck will be blown for the rest of your life. Normally I would apologize for ruining your life fortune but you will be in a better place forever. You win this:

Guinea Pig Theatre Poster

It's pretty epic.
I'm guessing.
I will know for sure when I see it printed.

It's 11x17.

That's decent size.

Maybe not big enough to never, ever, ever have a chance at breaking the lottery odds.

They will be for sale, of course.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

25th Guinea Pig Theatre!

Is the 25th Anniversary the Gold Anniversary?*

I present you Goldfinger!
Guinea Pig Theatre: Goldfinger

Today is your last chance to get in on the super awesome 25th Guinea Pig Celebration Contest!
You're gonna win a sweet, sweet GPT poster! EVERY GPT ever made in a super stylish package. I swear your friends will try to steal it. I promise you!
Send your name to starr226(at) Midnight is the deadline.

*No, it's the Silver Anniversary

Friday, September 26, 2008

Guinea Pig Fan Art!

So awesome! From Andrew Wilhite (Leroy Hornblower on Threadless)

And don't forget to send an email to get your name put in for the super sweet Guinea Pig Theatre poster - EVERY GPT ever made, fashionably arranged for your wall!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't want you to become frenzied, but...

But this week will be the 25th Guinea Pig Theatre.


You are all invited to take part in the celebration.
There will be punch and a delicious assortment of cookie treats.

For us adults there will be wine in a box.

I want to do some sort of contest.
I really do.
But I can't think of anything clever. So I came up with this lame idea:

Email me something nice, and sweet, and complimentary (or whatever) and what your favorite Guinea Pig Theatre has been to this date, and if you want what Guinea Pig Theatre you would like to see made.
I will take all three of those emails, put the name in a hat (probably a crocheted hat that someone lovingly made for me (that I haven't yet had time to photograph!) and whoever I pull out will be GREATLY REWARDED.

I'm thinking there's a very good chance you'll receive a copy of EVERY SINGLE GUINEA PIG THEATRE EVER MADE.

That's exciting, right?
that email is starr226 (at)
and tell your friends to come to the party.
and to see what I have planned for the big day...maybe it's going to be epic.

Even I don't know!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

As Good As It Gets

Guinea Pig Theatre: As Good As It Gets

"Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car"

I love this flick, and fear that it may have become lost in the progression of time that's taken place since it's release.
Lots of great dialogue and actual character development!

I promise next week to do something with an explosion.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barton Fink

Guinea Pig Theatre: Barton FInk

Requested by the ultra-cool, and amazingly talented Andy "Wullagaru" Walker
You can see his flickr stream here:

and read his blog here:

The Coen Brothers are running wild on GPT.
It's funny how I've actually efforted not doing certain directors over and over (I'm looking at you Wes Anderson - who was actually on the docket today) and still I end up with Four Guinea Pig Theatres by the Coens. BUT, to be fair, I've only done it three times (one of which will not show up on this blog due to shoddy work, imo), this fourth one is Andy's fault! The others can be found here and here

Barring a celebrity (or PAID) request that drives me towards the Coens in the near future, I promise to go at least 4 weeks without doing the Coens. So, let's hope that Big Lebowski doesn't come on TV this week. Or the Hudsucker Proxy. Or O' Brother.

I hope you enjoy! Still getting used to the new computer - and the scanner color settings are wonky, you can tell in the last two, but I sort of like it. It shows it's a new era.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

You're not much good to me alive, are you, Turkish?

Guinea Pig Theatre: Snatch

still getting used to new compute.
I wonder if Guy is ever going to make good movies again....