Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barton Fink

Guinea Pig Theatre: Barton FInk

Requested by the ultra-cool, and amazingly talented Andy "Wullagaru" Walker
You can see his flickr stream here:

and read his blog here:

The Coen Brothers are running wild on GPT.
It's funny how I've actually efforted not doing certain directors over and over (I'm looking at you Wes Anderson - who was actually on the docket today) and still I end up with Four Guinea Pig Theatres by the Coens. BUT, to be fair, I've only done it three times (one of which will not show up on this blog due to shoddy work, imo), this fourth one is Andy's fault! The others can be found here and here

Barring a celebrity (or PAID) request that drives me towards the Coens in the near future, I promise to go at least 4 weeks without doing the Coens. So, let's hope that Big Lebowski doesn't come on TV this week. Or the Hudsucker Proxy. Or O' Brother.

I hope you enjoy! Still getting used to the new computer - and the scanner color settings are wonky, you can tell in the last two, but I sort of like it. It shows it's a new era.

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