Monday, April 19, 2010

Webcomics Week

Hey, kids, it's Webcomics Week over at


Whitechapel being Warren Ellis's forums of awesomeness, and Webcomics Week being the week that you get to post what webcomic you're working on, so there's lots of awesome webcomics going on over there. Makes me wish I was able to get my next project actually on the web sooner than this week. Not that it's going up this week, I don't think, probably deeper into the summer after GPT lays down for a very long, probably permanent nap.

Also FreakAngels is over there - which is Warrne's webcomic. Which is totally awesome.

Anyway, I need a place marker for things that look interesting so that I can come back to them. I've meant to do this about a million times because some webcomics are amazing (wondermark, hark a vagrant) and other are really awesome but I tend to forget about them (Dawn of Time, and others that I didn't save somewhere).

So here we go:

Nathan Sorry
Looks really good, it's about a guy who survives (or avoids) 9/11 and gets rich and another identity some how, but probably has all sorts of angst.

Red Light Properties
Interesting visuals there's some digital collage for sure- it's about a real estate agency that sells haunted houses, and has a drug popping exorcist. the preview looked good.

I've started to read marooned several times and liked but didn't love it - it's nicely drawn, looks fun, is sort of a gag strip, but you can tell it looks like it goes some where eventually. Marooned is on the list of comics I forget to ever go back to, because I can't RSS at work, and I didn't save their addies anywhere.

Box Brown's seemingly auto-biographical comic is awesome. Everyone thinks so. I suggest you look at it. Me too, because I forget.

This is one that I don't think I've seen mention of - I saw a few panels and it looks great. Simple, elegant. It's a lady too! LADY DRAWER! And not furries. Which is nice. Or magic. Or magic furries. You'd be surprised at how much of that.

That's all of note so far - more to post later, I'm sure.

No. 98

Guinea Pig Theatre No. 98

Only 2 more to go. These are some that were requested that I never wanted to go all out on - and since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the third to last one anyway, i just did a montage.

I was trying to do enough that there wouldn't be ones I wouldn't regret doing - but sadly there is no Woody Allen and there is no Marx Brothers in GPT. In the end, I think, both are too funny in ways that would never work here.

Hopefully, I'll be finishing GPT up this week. I have the birth of my second child on Friday, and then I'm going to try to put the book together.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last requests

We're down to it. I really, really want to have GPT behind me, besides finishing putting the book together.


If you've ever suggested a Guinea Pig Theatre that I didn't do, please re-suggest it. Like, right now. I'm going to try to do a massive half assed one, so i don't regret not doing, like, Blue Velvet or Fight Club. Or Eternal Sushine for my friend Tim.

Seriously. Last chance.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Leon, The Professional

Guinea Pig Theatre:  Leon, The Professional

Leon wasn't originally on the list, but I caught it the other night and was reminded how awesome Luc Besson can be. I was also reminded how that was how I used to do GPT - just basing them on whatever movie I could find on TV.

Only three more to go.

Just so you know, two of the last three are already locked in.

I'm sad that I'm likely not going to have a Woody Allen or Marx Brothers film in here, who are far and away at the top of my list of favorite film makers. Though, looking at what I've made to this point, it certainly looks like I"m a Coen Brothers fanatic - (crap, no Hudsucker Proxy or Shawshank!) I'm also unlikely to get the really ambitious Bottle Rocket plans I had in. I mean, frankly, when you sit and look at it, I haven't really made any recent movies. I could do this forever, probably. But it's coming to an end, and I'm happy about it. I'm going to move on to projects that are 100% me, rather than 99% Hollywood and 1% me, and I really hope that everyone who has had an interest in GPT to this point is willing to give that new work a try. I think it'll be cool.

I have 3 more to do, I have 2 weeks to the birth of next child (Girl No. 2) and I don't really want to be doing GPT after that, except for putting the book (hastily) together.

This ride is almost over, folks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Uncle Buck

Guinea Pig Theatre:  Uncle Buck

That leaves 4 more to go.

This is, likely, the first and last multi-panel GPT.

Here's the large version. it's not awesome, but it's way better at an appropriate size.

Things we know:

1) John Candy guinea pig in panel one is awesome.
2) Guinea pig legs continue to be almost impossible to draw and not look stupid.