Monday, April 19, 2010

Webcomics Week

Hey, kids, it's Webcomics Week over at


Whitechapel being Warren Ellis's forums of awesomeness, and Webcomics Week being the week that you get to post what webcomic you're working on, so there's lots of awesome webcomics going on over there. Makes me wish I was able to get my next project actually on the web sooner than this week. Not that it's going up this week, I don't think, probably deeper into the summer after GPT lays down for a very long, probably permanent nap.

Also FreakAngels is over there - which is Warrne's webcomic. Which is totally awesome.

Anyway, I need a place marker for things that look interesting so that I can come back to them. I've meant to do this about a million times because some webcomics are amazing (wondermark, hark a vagrant) and other are really awesome but I tend to forget about them (Dawn of Time, and others that I didn't save somewhere).

So here we go:

Nathan Sorry
Looks really good, it's about a guy who survives (or avoids) 9/11 and gets rich and another identity some how, but probably has all sorts of angst.

Red Light Properties
Interesting visuals there's some digital collage for sure- it's about a real estate agency that sells haunted houses, and has a drug popping exorcist. the preview looked good.

I've started to read marooned several times and liked but didn't love it - it's nicely drawn, looks fun, is sort of a gag strip, but you can tell it looks like it goes some where eventually. Marooned is on the list of comics I forget to ever go back to, because I can't RSS at work, and I didn't save their addies anywhere.

Box Brown's seemingly auto-biographical comic is awesome. Everyone thinks so. I suggest you look at it. Me too, because I forget.

This is one that I don't think I've seen mention of - I saw a few panels and it looks great. Simple, elegant. It's a lady too! LADY DRAWER! And not furries. Which is nice. Or magic. Or magic furries. You'd be surprised at how much of that.

That's all of note so far - more to post later, I'm sure.

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