Saturday, April 10, 2010

Leon, The Professional

Guinea Pig Theatre:  Leon, The Professional

Leon wasn't originally on the list, but I caught it the other night and was reminded how awesome Luc Besson can be. I was also reminded how that was how I used to do GPT - just basing them on whatever movie I could find on TV.

Only three more to go.

Just so you know, two of the last three are already locked in.

I'm sad that I'm likely not going to have a Woody Allen or Marx Brothers film in here, who are far and away at the top of my list of favorite film makers. Though, looking at what I've made to this point, it certainly looks like I"m a Coen Brothers fanatic - (crap, no Hudsucker Proxy or Shawshank!) I'm also unlikely to get the really ambitious Bottle Rocket plans I had in. I mean, frankly, when you sit and look at it, I haven't really made any recent movies. I could do this forever, probably. But it's coming to an end, and I'm happy about it. I'm going to move on to projects that are 100% me, rather than 99% Hollywood and 1% me, and I really hope that everyone who has had an interest in GPT to this point is willing to give that new work a try. I think it'll be cool.

I have 3 more to do, I have 2 weeks to the birth of next child (Girl No. 2) and I don't really want to be doing GPT after that, except for putting the book (hastily) together.

This ride is almost over, folks.

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