Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Legend of Ricky Thunder continues

Again, I'm hopefully going to be opening up my new website relatively if you love Ricky, or want to love him, be prepared for all my non Guinea Pig projects to have a new address.

The Legend of Ricky Thunder, pt 5
The Legend of Ricky Thunder, pt 6
The Legend of Ricky Thunder, pt 7

Say Anything

Guinea Pig Theatre: Say Anything

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness

March Madness

Didn't you used to make comics about guinea pigs recreating movie scenes?
yeah, i did. keep your pants on they're coming

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Legend of Ricky Thunder

So, obviously I was intending to speed up GPT but it's slowed down.


I'll both tell and show you what for, punk.

1) I'm putting together the Guinea Pig Theatre book. Things I know: I'm doing it through Lulu until someone tells me a better option, and it's going to be in color and hardcover. I think. Lulu is confusing. Also, it will, likely be more expensive than it's worth. ALSO, if you're interested let me know.

1a) GPT is still coming. If you come here for that, there are 6 more to come. There will be a new one (at least one) this week.

2) I'm putting together art stuffs for an art show and whatnot. It's all digital collage stuff - totally high brow business. No cartoon animals. Okay, there are cartoon animals, but they're in a really awesome context. Once that gets closer I'll post that awesomeness here, too.

3) I'm also already getting started on my next project. I don't really want to restrain myself to one genre, so it's likely going to be called like Awesome Adventures, or something equally stupid. But I'm starting off with THE LEGEND OF RICKY THUNDER.
It's eventually going to get moved to a new, happier, more awesome website that'll just be my name, because I own that shit and whatnot. Don't worry, I'll let all 16 of you know when it happens.

Want to see it? Okay.

Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 1
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 2
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 3
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 4
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 5
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 6
Ricky Thunder No. 1
Ricky Thunder No. 2
Ricky Thunder No. 3
Ricky Thunder No. 4

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Edition: King Kong (1933), Chinatown

KING KONG (1933)

Guinea Pig Theatre: King Kong (1933)

King Kong, in 1933, did NOT win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Are you kidding me?

In 1933 if I saw on the magic screen a giant ape climbing the Empire State Building and PUNCHING OUT AIRPLANES my life would've been forever changed.

What in 1933 could have possibly been more amazing than that?

Blows my mind, man.

What did win? A Noel Coward flick. And look, I can dig that. Noel Coward brings the dramatic funk.



It's one small part of why I hate the Oscars.

It's also why everyone in the universe loves a giant fucking ape, too.


Guinea Pig Theatre: Chinatown

Jack Nicholson did not win best actor for the role of noir, sarcastic, kick ass detective Jake Gittes. No, Art Carney won for playing a dude on a road trip with his cat.

Seriously, Oscars?

Fuck you.

Also, Al Pacino was up for some sequel flick about someone's Grandpa.

Oh, Godfather 2.

Fuck you, Oscars.

ALSO: Only 6 more Guinea Pig Theatres to go. I AM going to be compiling a book. I'm hoping for less than $30. If you want in on it, it'd be nice to let me know so I can prepare for it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

8 more to go

It's getting harder and harder to keep efforting this thing to it's deserved end. There are 8 more to go, I have every intention of finishing them up, and doing so as soon as possible (specifically, well before my next child is born in April). I'm also planning to compose some sort of book type collection, though, I suspect with there being very little interest, that they'll be more on the expensive than cheap side - considering how at the very least it's going to be 100 pages. I'm going to look into lulu this week and check around on prices. If there is any significant interest you can email me. I'll post potential pricing information when I get it - and hopefully, I can come up with enough interest to do two GPTs this week, if not more.