Saturday, March 20, 2010

Legend of Ricky Thunder

So, obviously I was intending to speed up GPT but it's slowed down.


I'll both tell and show you what for, punk.

1) I'm putting together the Guinea Pig Theatre book. Things I know: I'm doing it through Lulu until someone tells me a better option, and it's going to be in color and hardcover. I think. Lulu is confusing. Also, it will, likely be more expensive than it's worth. ALSO, if you're interested let me know.

1a) GPT is still coming. If you come here for that, there are 6 more to come. There will be a new one (at least one) this week.

2) I'm putting together art stuffs for an art show and whatnot. It's all digital collage stuff - totally high brow business. No cartoon animals. Okay, there are cartoon animals, but they're in a really awesome context. Once that gets closer I'll post that awesomeness here, too.

3) I'm also already getting started on my next project. I don't really want to restrain myself to one genre, so it's likely going to be called like Awesome Adventures, or something equally stupid. But I'm starting off with THE LEGEND OF RICKY THUNDER.
It's eventually going to get moved to a new, happier, more awesome website that'll just be my name, because I own that shit and whatnot. Don't worry, I'll let all 16 of you know when it happens.

Want to see it? Okay.

Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 1
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 2
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 3
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 4
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 5
Ricky Thunder Prologue No. 6
Ricky Thunder No. 1
Ricky Thunder No. 2
Ricky Thunder No. 3
Ricky Thunder No. 4

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