Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't want you to become frenzied, but...

But this week will be the 25th Guinea Pig Theatre.


You are all invited to take part in the celebration.
There will be punch and a delicious assortment of cookie treats.

For us adults there will be wine in a box.

I want to do some sort of contest.
I really do.
But I can't think of anything clever. So I came up with this lame idea:

Email me something nice, and sweet, and complimentary (or whatever) and what your favorite Guinea Pig Theatre has been to this date, and if you want what Guinea Pig Theatre you would like to see made.
I will take all three of those emails, put the name in a hat (probably a crocheted hat that someone lovingly made for me (that I haven't yet had time to photograph!) and whoever I pull out will be GREATLY REWARDED.

I'm thinking there's a very good chance you'll receive a copy of EVERY SINGLE GUINEA PIG THEATRE EVER MADE.

That's exciting, right?
that email is starr226 (at)
and tell your friends to come to the party.
and to see what I have planned for the big day...maybe it's going to be epic.

Even I don't know!

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