Saturday, July 19, 2008

Monster Squad plus (not) super extra!

Guinea Pig Theatre: Monster Squad

I haven't watched Monster Squad in forever, so it was refreshing to check in on it, again.

I think my favorite scene is when the older brother from the Wonder Years is beating up The Fat Kid and lovable, streetsmart, super tough Rudy (played by Ryan Lambert of Kid's Incorporated fame) pulls up on his bicycle smoking a cigarette. I mean...his bicycle? Kelly Leak got a dirt bike! Come on, no one's really that cool on a bicycle.
(By the way, the guy who played Kelly Leak in the original Bad News Bears is playing Rorschach in the new Watchmen flick).
It's come to my attention that this movie is far less known than I would've thought - everyone of my approximate age I'm pretty sure remember it, but the next generation(s) don't - go rent it. It's fun, you'll like it.

I'm totally taking suggestions, btw. I'm having a pretty serious job change forthcoming and not only are my free hours going to change, but so is my access to quality computer equipment - which is terribly, terribly upsetting. So I'm trying to squeeze a lot of production in between here and then and will just hold them out as long as I can - and remember you can purchase prints and original art for practically nothing.

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