Thursday, October 21, 2010

ESPN magazine Marvel NBA Preview

Man, there's supposed to be 30 of these "variant covers" smashing Marvel Comics and NBA together (this, frankly combines two of my three, non family related, favorite things. If they were drawn by Jerry "The King" Lawler I could probably die). But they're, frankly...terrible.

This is the cream of the crop, and not just because one of my really good friends adore the Mavs.

ESPN's Marvel/NBA preview

The Dallas Mavericks are being compared to Hank Pym. I think I've said enough about Hank Pym to illustrate why this is terrible.

The whole thing is wrought with Marvel reference inaccuracies, so it's sort of terrible-great. Lots of really bad art, too - the Suns one has three random guys below Steve Nash and the middle one looks like what can only be described as a cardboard scarecrow. And look I know that I'm far from masterful, but it's pretty clear the Marvel guys half assed most of these.

The main Western Conference as Infinity Gauntlet one is the only one that's great:

I wish I could find the Eastern Conference to see what they compare my beloved Knicks too.

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