Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Martian Manhuner panels from Detective Comics 304

I've been reading Showcase Present: Martian Manhunter #1 because I love the Martian Manhunter so much. There are some really awesome panels in there - which is normal for silver age DC.

Also, I colored them.
Because I like coloring things.

Ha, ha, I hope you die, Chief!

What's worse?

Not remembering the guy in the room is deathly "allergic" to something, or publicly announcing your local superhero's achilles heel?

Chief, you're either really dumb or a huge dick.

And while I think Manhunter is being polite in his comment, I think he's sort of wishing cancer on the Chief.

This next one is the best comic book panel of all time.

Best Panel Ever.

"Alright, Boys, this here is the Crime College and I'm gonna learn you right.

This here is the Gun 101.

A) this is where you put your itchy trigger finger.

B) This is where you hold it.

C) This is the part that shoots out the death.

Got it? Alright, let's rob a bank."

They're paying a lot for this class.

I want to paint this one. Just for the ABC breakdown of a gun.


  1. That ABC's of the gun diagram literally had me laughing out loud.

    Good stuff, man! I love me some Silver Age Martian Manhunter.

  2. LissBirds, you are now my favorite follower. I've been using the ABC machine gun diagram as a test to see who has a soul and who doesn't.

    Congratulate, LissBirds, you HAVE A SOUL. Don't sell it for nothin'

  3. Hooray! I've always wanted a soul! Now the possibilities are endless...I can write a novel...climb a mountain...go to the Gap!

    Don't I get an extra soul for being a Martian Manhunter fan?

  4. I can't monitor how many souls, just whether or not there is the existence of one. You might need to speak to your local priest or rabbi. I'm not sure what one would even do with an extra soul. Spare parts, I guess.

    However, being a Martian Manhunter fan does make you special. Far more special than everyone else. Don't mention this to anyone, though, they already think they are special for some other bullshit thing. They are wrong.