Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guinea Pig Theatre still alive in some hearts, at least

Tyler Garrison once made a stupid awesome Clockwork Orange GPT post and someone wanted a poster of it.  Both of these things are awesome.
Well, Tyler got an email this week that said person finally framed and hung it.  It's...breath taking.
I was told by someone else last week that the GPTs they had up were "lusted over" by their company.

I'm super glad to see that my little, silly project from so many years ago still affects anyone in any way. I think back to my time drawing guinea pigs and movies and it's something I'll always do so fondly.  Good times, good people, decent art.

Here's the picture:

and don't forget to look at what I've been doing since GPT at A well received wrestling webcomic, a handful of minis, lots of silly drawings, a comic about a wizard...and you can link to my tumblr or follow me on twitter (@starr22) from that site too.


  1. I miss your GPT work, though I love your new stuff,, too.

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