Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Alamo

Guinea Pig Theatre:  The Alamo

Dear American Movie Channel (AMC),
Thank you for resolving an issue I had been having; What to do for the Thanksgiving Guinea Pig Theatre. What movie has Thanksgiving in it, or a great turkey scene? I just couldn't come up with anything epic enough.
But then came Sunday, in which no good television ever exists and wife forced me to watch Billy Bob Thornton in this truly dreadful movie.
But, a moment of magic.
Billy Bob Thornton (as Davy Crockett) proclaims in the midst of a (terrible) dramatic monologue (one of many, thank goodness), "YOU PASS THE TATERS and I PASS THEM RIGHT BACK."
Let me emphasize that line of dialogue took place in a film of Momemtous American HIstory by an American Legend.
Nothing speaks more to me of what Guinea Pig Theatre wishes for us all on this Thanksgiving Day; that someone dramatically refuses some mashed potatoes but not before giving a heartfelt and sentimental backdrop story for why.
Happy Thanksgiving!

EDIT: Why didn't anyone tell me it was sized all wrong? click on the image to go to flickr to see it big and awesome.

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