Friday, November 21, 2008

Murder By Death

Murder By Death
(Murder By Death: matt, adam, sarah, dagan)

Murder By Death is a super awesome band. I mean, totally Top Shelf.
If you're socially networked you can listen to some tracks here.

Word on the street is that they actually like Guinea Pig Theatre.
So I'm totally throwing out some return love - I made them a part of the troupe!

I'm also sending them a print of the Big Trouble in Little China episode of GPT. It's, supposedly, their favorite flick, and I'm happy to share it with them.

Seriously, go listen! NOW!

Also, to my design friends they have a contest going where you can do the cover art for their upcoming split 7" - you don't wins money, but you do wins free music.
I'm totally getting in on it. Information is on their front page, which you can link to above and in my links.

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