Monday, August 9, 2010

Draw Draw Challenge #4

I return with Draw Draw Challenge. So if you want to participate, you know, go ahead and send in your dude to starr226(at) (that's me!). Remember the point of DDC is not to do something amazing, it's not to blow away your peers, it's not to change the world, or to get free lunch. No. The point of the DDC is just to DO something. If you want to do something amazing, have at. God knows, I haven't done anything amazing since, apparently, the Nacho Libre Guinea Pig Theatre.

Draw Draw Challenge#4
Costume redesign!

Redesign a single super-dude or dudette or if you're feeling ballsy an entire super team. Why not? Go crazy. You have a full week and whatever. Monday.

This is part two of my "ripping off other famous website's idea" last DDC being the Covered Blog ( and this week being Project: Rooftop ( - but the next DDC will be back to an original idea, I hope. Or at least a different idea. Who knows?

You know who doesn't know. Me. Come on!

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