Sunday, December 6, 2009

Batroc, The Leaper

Batroc, The Leaper

B is for Batroc

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

Batroc is high on my list of favorite villains right now. And he, also, rocks the purple and orange...and fights captain america. There's a theme, going on here.

Batroc, The Leaper, is french. And he really isn't all that villainous - sure he takes place in the occasional heist, and is always doing mercenary work, but really? He just wants to fight. doing my research I found several appearances where he started HELPING Captain America out. What a dude.

Batroc is the master of Savate - French Kickboxing - which is as obscure as he is.

Batroc has sort of become a punchline for the Marvel Universe - but, honestly, he's a Kirby character. He's not all that bad.

I really like him. HE'S A FRENCH KICK BOXER.

Oh and he started a gang of mediocre villainy called The Batroc's Brigade. I wish I could tell you that The Brigade made this list, but sadly they were so D-List I couldn't bear it. It intially consisted of The Swordsman and The Living Laser. The Swordsman became a good guy, was an Avenger, then died. Living Laser used to be a dude but now he's a dude made out of light. They were replaced by Porcupine and Whirlwind. Both are pretty much what they sound like. THEN it got so bad they made up new guys to put on the team, with standard stupid 90s era names like Machete and Zaran.

Poor Batroc.

I really adore him.

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