Monday, December 21, 2009

Q is for Quasimodo

Q is for Quasimodo

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

Okay, so Quasimodo is lame because, well, no one has ever actually read a Quasimodo comic. But he's been around forever with varying levels of impressive power.

Mad Thinker made him (Lame Villain Daddy) as a super computer. Silver Surfer met him, felt bad that he wasn't human like he wanted and gave him an ugly ass body, then Quasi got pissed that his humanish body was ugly. So then he's evil.


People are never happy, even when you give them what you want. Or, um, Advanced Computer Intelligences are never happy, even when you give them what they want.

Then they go on universal super evil. But not Thanos super evil, more like...if space had a janitor, and that janitor was evil.

Something like that.


(Also, like, no Q villains.)

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