Saturday, December 19, 2009

O is for Owl

O is for Owl

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

I'm not going to mess with you here, Owl was supposed to be Daredevil's nemesis. They built him up (Buttercup), they took him from a Wall Street dude that could glide, to a mutant with Owl powers who was a criminal kingpin.

The problem?

Presumably that he looks friggin' ridiculous. He's wearing a green Sherlock Holmes coat.

He has OWL powers.

Do you understand what I'm saying to you?

And, yes, he eats mice occasionally.

Last time I saw The Owl people were taking DNA out of his back to make some sort of mutant drug. I mean, really?



Also, his death has been ignored . The Hood (an actual, intimidating criminal kingpin and overall bad guy) shot him in the head, and a few months later he showed up in Daredevil being all sorts of lame.

I know what you're thinking, because I keep bringing this back up, "Kyle, no one stays dead in comics." And you're right. But usually everyone is just brought back through some convoluted resurrection. These guys are so lame that you just don't bother to keep track if they're alive or dead. Probably, after the issue comes out, one of your homies says "Hey, dude, you wrote the Owl in this story, but he's dead." And you just go, "Oh. Whoopsies!"

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