Sunday, December 13, 2009

I is for Iron Monger

I is for Iron Monger

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

Just like it says - Iron Monger isn't really all that bad of a villain. Obadiah Stane was the head man of Stane International, a munitions dealer, who was pals with Tony Stark(Iron Man)'s dad. He's definitely the first economic villain, that I know of (if that's the phrase) _ initially, his evil was just in the hostile takeover of Stark Industries via a compicated plot that involved Stark being romantically involved with one of Stane's henchmen villains, blocking his international business, etc. He was even evil enough to get Stark to relapse into Alcoholism, and eventually into becoming a homeless vagrant.
And, of course, he stole Stark Industies away from Tony Stark. Building his own much larger, bluer Iron Man armor.

Pretty bad ass, really.


This also, of course, just made Tony Stark stronger. Which is no condemnation of Stane. Stark gets his shit back together and, of course, turns the table on Iron Monger and pounds the crap out of him and has him all but up shit creek when Stane offs himself.


I often wonder if Iron Man fans were all "holy moley!" and "wowzers" over that moment. But I've read some of that run, including the climactic issue and really it just seems out of character, and cowardly.

Also, the "I" options in Marvel Villiany are pretty slim. So I got to draw a big ass robot.

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