Wednesday, December 16, 2009

L is for Legion

L is for Legion

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

Okay, so he was designed by Bill Sienkowicz, so when drawn by him he...okay, he still looks ridiculous, but he looks stylized ridiculous. If you know who Bill Sienkowicz is (especially in the terms of mutant comic books) you know what I mean.

Let's see if I can work this out. It's not easy.

Legion is Professor X's illegitimate son so he's massively super brain powered. But he's ape shit nuts. Back when I was reading he had three personalities and each one controlled a different brain power (I'm a little Cyndi, I have pyrokinetic powers!). Are you getting this? Illegitimate son with multiple personalities?


Super soap opera.

Frankly he's done stuff as a an attempted X-Man nemesis which is a big old mess involving time travel (yeah, he can do that), and psi-blades, and more and more personalities and absorbing people's brains or something. I mean, he's a total mess.

He's got Kidd and Play hair!

Stay away from Legion.

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