Sunday, December 27, 2009

W is for Wizard

W is for The Wizard

Okay, the Wizard is another villain I adore, but let's be honest, despite the fact that he, as leader of the Frightful Four has more than once given the Fantastic Four a run for their money, the fact of the matter is...well, he's a penis, right?

Look at that outfit. Right? And his whole thing is that he's a genius and sort of mis-guided.

He's a penis.


Wizard has always been crazy smart, he (like the Fixer) have built their criminal career on awesome gizmos (anti-gravity discs being a Wizard go to). Originally he used his tech to be a fake magician calling himself (I kid you not) The Wingless Wizard.

I think his primary motivation as a criminal is to prove that he's smarter than Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards and well, add that to the lame list - b/c Mr Fantastic is the smartest guy in the Marvel Universe (Sorry, Doom).

And again...he's a penis, right?

Oh, and the Frightful Four are always trying to imitate the Three-Guys-And-A-Girl formula of the Fantastic Four and I'm telling you EVERY TIME whoever that girl is ends up betraying.

Phallic costume.
Misguided Intellect.
Constantly ruined by woman.

He's a penis.

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  1. He and his gang appears in the new tv series Ultimate Spider-Man. I can't help to think tha he has no need for being a villain, jus with his anti-gravity discs he would millionaire if not billionaire. Think about it, they could be used for fun, for heavy furniture while moving, construction sites, to lift the pieces of a destroyed building to rescate survivors... man, I'm not sure if he really is a genius.

    Great list, and your comments feel like stand up comedy.