Sunday, December 20, 2009

P is for Princess Python

P is for Princess Python

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

There's lame and there's lamer. Princess Python got her start working for...wait for it...THE CIRCUS OF CRIME.


The Circus of Crime.

What can she do?

She's a snake charmer. She has a really big snake. The snake has no special powers, or abilities, it's just a snake.

Oh, she's kind of a whore, too.

So she's a *snake* charmer, if you know what I mean. The whore thing isn't really used criminally, though. It's just her way.

Circus of Crime.

Circus of Crime is lame enough I could've used them for most of these letters. Here's the members, you can imagine their lameness by their names alone: Ringmaster, The Clown, The Human Cannonball, Bluto the Strongman, The Great Gambonnos and Live Wire.

She also joined the Serpeant Society (because it's a snake themed team, and presumably, they needed a lady). Who aren't as lame as The Circus of Crime, but she was totally their weak link - in fact, I think she frequently fell in love with their adversary and turned on the Society a couple of times.

Oh yeah, and apparently she was married to Stilt-Man, and then The Gibbon. I mean, you might as well just kill yourself.

Oh, hold on. I kid you not, Princess and her Circus of Crime compatriots, as a group, were defeated by Howard the Duck.



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