Saturday, December 26, 2009

V is for Vulture

V is for Vulture

ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Villainy

Oh, Vulture.

Okay, look, if i was going to make an ABCs of Mediocre Marvel Heroes then Old School Angel would be on it, because his power is that he can fly. And not fly at hypersonic speeds, and not even really safely carry anyone while he's doing it. Just being able to fly in real life would be awesome, but in a world of super powers is pretty lame.

Now, take that and be 80 years old.

Old man.


Okay, so to be fair, I just read his wiki and Vulture has actually been an okayish villain. Apparently he always cashes in on his grudges with relative success. He's successfully got his revenge on:
1) The guy who helped build his flight harness then cashed on on the design.
2) The guy who replaced him for a bit as the Vulture.
3) The gang of kids (Vulturions) who stole his design
4) The entire New York mob (thus becoming new crime lord.
5) A mobster who hired a hitman who was going to kill Spider-Man, thus ruining his chance for revenge.
6) Cancer

And he was in every iteration of the Sinister Six.

Maybe, I was wrong about you Vulture.



Old man villain.

I mean, you know he has a green adult diaper on under there. And clearly he's a man suffering from osteoporosis.


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